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What is Opus Mind?

I founded Opus Mind with one simple mission: to empower consumers with sustainable options that ensure the health of our beautiful planet.


Empowering consumers mean creating more awareness by advocating for transparency. At Opus mind, we took the lead in showing by example. 


Growing up in Belgium, I had access to quality fashion that were well-made and stood the test of time. My appreciation for mindful purchases came hand-in-hand with the love for each item, building a conscious closet full of exciting pieces. My French upbringing installed a respect for self-expression and valuing the stories behind each product.

After developing a career in fashion from Paris to Hong Kong, through Los Angeles and Shanghai, I saw the practices behind the curtains. And it was in 2017, while working for Chanel, when I was personally confronted with the issue of waste, enough was enough. 

I decided to lead by example and develop a line of 100% sustainable leather goods. That meant using certifiable recycled leather while hand made in Italy to ensure the quality of each piece. Our process has been streamlined so no excess and no waste is generated. 

What I love is that, at the core of all design, it is about problem solving. Step by step, whenever facing an issue, we are looking for creative ways to solve it, while keeping the impact to our planet at the forefront of every decision we make. 

At Opus Mind, we are excited about a sustainable future where consumers are aware and empowered by their choices.




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