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Have you ever had the sudden realization of wanting to make space in your life? Removing things that no longer serve you? Oftentimes, I get asked what minimalism is and what it means to live a minimalistic lifestyle. In essence, it means living with the things that truly serve you. Living a minimalist lifestyle allows us to do less consuming and more creating.

The Founder of Opus Mind, Kathleen Kuo believes that “Minimalism with Opus Mind means making sure everything has a purpose. After working more than a decade in the fashion industry (from BCBG to Chanel and Dior), I got to see hundreds of collections that went in and out of season. It’s important to understand that more products do not make you happier or more fulfilled. On the contrary, it’s better to find key essentials that you can invest in. At Opus Mind, we are mindful in sustainably creating these luxurious pieces that you will enjoy for years to come.” 


Minimalism & Its Relation To Sustainability

Similar to minimalism, sustainability is to improve the quality of life in regards to environmental health, equity, and economy. The terms go hand in hand because they both strive to eliminate waste while living purposefully to create a brighter future for mankind. When learning to live a more minimalist lifestyle take it slow and start small.   

It’s no surprise the two share several commonalities. The main one being reducing clutter. 

Clearing The Clutter

There is a common misconception that minimalism is boring. In reality, it’s just quality over quantity. It is the philosophy that less is more, and that quantity doesn’t necessarily bring the fulfillment you truly desire. Quality becomes more valuable because it assists in clearing out the clutter. You don’t necessarily need more to feel whole. Learn to live more with what you need versus what you want. You can start by choosing alternative methods such as utilizing reusable water bottles or shopping more sustainably. Cruelty-free items or even clothing/accessories made from recycled waste have become more popular over the years and should definitely be something to consider. Paying closer attention to labels ensure that you know what is being put on or into your body.  

Clearing the clutter isn’t solely physical. It can also mean clearing the mind, body, and soul. Methods such as meditation, yoga, developing a healthier diet, or something as simple as going outside for a few minutes a day have been proven beneficial. 


Determining Your Values

What are the main principles in your everyday life? Whether that be your family, friends, work, or home life, determining your values is essential. Our values help us to make decisions and navigate our way through the world. In theory, determining your values sounds easy- but it can be difficult Start by asking yourself questions such as: 

  • What are you passionate about? 
  • What makes you feel fulfilled?
  • What/who prevents me from my goals?
  • What steps can I take to change my life? 
  • What represents my primary self? 

After asking yourself these (or whatever you decided to come up with) questions, take a step back to fully assess each of your values. But as long as your principles are of importance to you, they should come naturally to you.

A More Meaningful Lifestyle

Everyone has a different approach to life and what it means to be minimalist. Ultimately, becoming minimalist assists in enhancing all aspects of life. It allows you to remove any blockages preventing you from being your best self. Material items become less important while taking the time to enjoy more content and a simplistic lifestyle becomes the priority, thus improving the overall quality of your life. 

By now, I hope you have a better understanding of what it means to be minimalist while gaining insight on how to do just. 



 Blog by Sam Walker


My name is Samantha Rose (but everyone just calls me Sam) As someone who studies Global communications and Media, I aim to learn something different than the day before. Whether that be a trend, or simply a definition of a word. I find that I am a relatable person who has many thoughts that I would love to express on various topics ranging from metaphysics to something as simple as giving tips on how to stay motivated. Since I typically like to write in my free time, I want to strengthen my writing and become more vulnerable.


Cover photo by Alisa Polozova



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