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Photography by Amanda Charchian


Editorial 8


"Mindstone Indigo Gabbro: The Grounding Stone"


September 26th, 2019


For years, people have believed that stones and crystals contain energies and powers that transform humans into better versions of themselves. Although there isn’t scientific evidence to prove it, many still decorate their homes and offices with varieties of these beautiful formations in hopes of transformation. Many will even meditate with the stones, which is said to strengthen the stones healing properties. 

Countless studies have shown that meditation can greatly increase your memory, improve your mental health, and even your overall physical health. Meditation involves breathing exercising, stillness, and practicing your ability to quiet the mind. Most times, those who turn to meditation seek inner peace and relaxation. Sometimes they are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or issues with past trauma. 


If you have ever felt lost, trapped, or in a slump, we recommend you meditate with the Indigo Gabbro mindstone. This powerful stone allows one to deal with deep-rooted issues, exposing one’s darkest self and transforming it with love and strength. With time, this stone will help one develop patience as they uncover their higher purpose and unrealized potential. 

Do you know someone who suffers from a looming darkness? It’s hard to see people you love suffer. Show them how much you care by providing them with this Mindstone as a gift.