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Photograph by Sandra Caterina Ferriera


Editorial 3 

“Four Sustainable Brands We Love ”

August 22nd, 2019  | Sustainability

Prelude: As we learn more about the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment, more and more brands are taking a stand against harmful practices and creating change. Like Opus Mind, some of these brands use and waste less natural resources than the average brand. Here are four brands we love that are making a difference.



Based In| Los Angeles, CA

Ethics | Gender gap issues, Women in the workforce support, Collective mindset, Domestic production focus, Partner organization: Room To Read.

Price Range | $$-$$$

Doen—a brand committed to ethically-made clothing—exemplifies what it means to be a sustainable fashion brand. They base their sourcing strategy on the availability of quality raw materials and manufacture with socially compliant, vertical factories around the world. They reject the idea of “disposable fashion” and focus on creating timeless pieces that are then packed in 100% recyclable materials. Not only that, but they also prioritize creating long term partnerships with women-owned and run factories. Most impressive is that their children’s line came about as a need to find a use for their leftover fabric. Instead of dumping the excess into landfills, they found a way to create something beautiful. 




Based In| London, England

Ethics | Slow Fashion, Handmade in Italy, Ethical production, Minimize waste,  Sustainable materials, 

Partner organization: Soles4Souls

Price Range | $$$-$$$$

In order to take the necessary steps to create a healthier planet, we need the right shoes! Dear Francesutilizes sustainable materials and follows the slow fashion cycle to craft luxury footwear. And they don’t just stop there! They’ve partnered with non-profit organizations like Soles4Souls to ensure that for every pair of Dear Frances shoes purchased, a pair of shoes is sent to a person in need.






Based In| Antwerp, Belgium

Ethics | Lab-grown diamond, Sustainable production, Fair pricing, Recyclable packaging, 

Price Range | $$$-$$$$

Kimai is making the jewelry industry shine like never before with lab-grown diamonds! Their stated mission is to “create jewelry that leaves an impression but doesn’t leave a mark on the world.” They understood that the mining of diamonds displaces land, wastes water, and pollutes the air.  By focusing on luxury, sustainability, and transparency, they are not only providing conscious consumers with a guilt-free luxury, but they’re also educating the masses. 





Based In| Seattle, Washington

Ethics | Transparency, Sustainable material, Recycled fabric, Fairtrade, Recyclable packaging, 

Price Range | $$-$$$

You never would imagine that wearing clothes made out of recycled water bottles would be comfortable, but then you try on a piece from Girlfriend Collective and everything changes. They’re empowering women to look and feel good in chic and timeless athleisure attire, made with old water bottles and fishing nets. Not only is this building a community of like-minded, health-conscious women, but it’s also inspiring them to make choices that are as healthy for the planet as it is for their bodies.




Being a mindful, conscious consumer isn’t hard. All it takes is a few moments of research to find brands that align with your values. Stay tuned for more highlights on brands we love that are doing good!